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Our Mission

The Pledge for an Ethical Internet

As society’s connectivity and reliance on email accelerate, legislation struggles to keep pace with the new mediums through which corporations can intrude on individuals’ privacy.

We believe that a balance between productivity and privacy can be established through innovators’ responsible use of internet technology. In reality, there is a myriad of ways that personal information can be collected from a person’s browser: from browsing cookies to IP geolocation, the leakage of data is seemingly inevitable.

Our goal for Mailpanion, which we determined at the onset to be free of charge, is to shield users like you from unwanted intrusion from email marketers while also providing a responsible set of features that help you manage your personal communications.

The privacy-first design of Mailpanion ensures that the app provides the greatest productivity value to you while upholding the internet’s inherent ethical principles.